I Got My Dog Into Yale

Campagnolo had his sixth and final chemotherapy treatment on June 10.

He came through it like a champ, as always. And, as always, he charmed our vet and the entire staff at Cascade Veterinary Clinic.

I had our vet take another set of chest X-rays. Unfortunately, they show an ominous spot on his lung that wasn’t there in the last two X-rays taken in January and March. This is really soul-crushing news. Campy had been doing so well up until now.

We knew lung mets were a likelihood going into all this, but we feel we have given Campy five good months he probably wouldn’t have had otherwise. So, no regrets over anything we have done for him.

Campy is still feeling fine. He is happy, alert, affectionate, has a great appetite, and talks a lot to things outside that we don’t see or hear.

So what’s next? We are moving ahead and got Campy into the Yale Canine Cancer Vaccine trial study.

This is a clinical trial of a new therapeutic vaccine for canine cancers including osteosarcoma, hemangiosarcoma and other related EGFR/HER2 cancers. The hope is to activate the dog’s own white blood cells to produce antibodies to attack growing tumors.

Campy had to wait three weeks after his last chemo treatment to start the vaccine program. He is scheduled to get his first injection on July 8.

It feels kind of like a Hail Mary pass, but we want to try everything we can to save Campy.

On a happier note, Campy celebrated his 5th Birthday on May 23, with Tiger and their friend Eldo. Back in January, when Campy was first diagnosed with osteosarcoma, our first goal was to try to get him to his birthday.

We will work to keep Campy comfortable and happy for however much time he has left. Our next goal is to get him to his Gotcha Day on October 27.

Hug your dog today.


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2 Responses to I Got My Dog Into Yale

  1. Sev says:

    Any updates on Campy since receiving the vaccine? I’m trying to get my dog into the program but I’m in Australia. My 5 and a half year old boxer has hemangiocarcoma, he’s receiving chemotherapy at the moment and is doing so well. CT scan is booked in for next week to make sure he’s still clear. Hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through.

    • Methow Dog says:

      Hi Sev! Yes! Campy is making antibodies. I am way behind in posting. Thanks for the reminder. Unfortunately, the
      vaccine is currently unavailable. You should email Dr. Mark Mamula. He can explain far better than I what is going on right now. He is very good about answering his emails promptly. Wishing you and your boxer buddy the very best as you and he navigate this difficult journey. He is the exact same age as Campy.

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