Humans Aren’t the Only Ones…

Humans aren’t the only ones who need blood transfusions. Our animal companions can also suffer an emergency requiring life-saving blood products.

Tiger and Truman are among the 125+ canine and feline “Superhero” volunteer blood donors at DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital in Portland.
They donate blood 4 to 6 times a year. And last week was one of those times.

Tiger makes sure all their paperwork is in order.

He was also making sure he didn’t miss out on any treats from Blood Bank Program Director Jill Greene.

Tiger and Truman have been blood donors for about a year and a half. Tiger was first up. He quickly settled into the routine.

Greyhounds are very desirable blood donors because they typically have a universal blood type that any dog can receive. They are also very easy to work with.

Greyhound blood has a higher red blood cell count, lower white blood cell count and lower platelet count than other dog breeds. DoveLewis very carefully screens all their volunteer blood donors, both during the initial consultation and tests the dog’s blood before each donation to make sure everything looks good and they can safely donate that day. Tiger and Truman passed with flying colors!

Now it’s Truman’s turn.

As with Tiger, Truman is super-chill with everything.

Of course the best part of donating blood, as far as Tiger and Truman are concerned, is when it’s all over, and Jill hauls out the toy box. Each dog gets to pick out one new toy to take home.

…and there are more treats involved too!

Each dog donates a pint of blood, which typically goes to dogs here in the Pacific Northwest. But Jill told us, just the day before we came in, DoveLewis sent blood to a veterinary clinic in Palm Beach, Florida.

Each donation appointment lasts about a half-hour. We humans hang out with the boys during the whole process.

If you think your dog would make a good volunteer blood donor, you can learn more about it on DoveLewis‘ website. Blood bank info is found on the Community Services tab at the top of their homepage.

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Greyhound Walking Club

We love a win-win-win, and that’s what happens every month for Greyhound owners in Portland. The Greyhound Walking Club provides a monthly social outing for hounds and their humans. This month’s walk was at Commonwealth Lake Park in Beaverton.

Some 20 or so happy hounds strolled and sniffed their way around the lake twice. Some opted for a third lap.

Greyhounds really enjoy being with other greyhounds. The walking club is a nice way for them to socialize together. Tiger and Truman love making new hound friends.

It’s also nice to meet other greyhound people…and get a little exercise. We walk for about a half hour at a pace that’s suitable for most two and four-legged participants regardless of age or fitness level.

A group of greyhounds walking together always generates attention from curious admirers. So the walks are a greyt way to show what wonderful companions these dogs are. Being relatively new to the Rose City, getting to explore a different, and for us, a new part of the city with our dogs every month is a wonderful way to discover Portland.

Looks like we’ll be venturing north of the Columbia River next month for a walk around Fort Vancouver.

Check out the Portland Greyhound Walking Club website for more info on their monthly walks in and around Portland.

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Hounds Around Town

We’ve been in Portland for two years now! We live in the Pearl District. Portland is very dog-friendly, and there are lots of fun things to do. Here we are at one of our favorite local spots, The Fields. 

There are so many wonderful places to walk and explore urban living here. 

It’s always sooooo exciting to go for a walk in the ‘hood! 

But being in the Pacific Northwest…it does rain from time to time.

We don’t mind a little rain. We have raincoats. But being true Pacific Northwesterners, we never use umbrellas.

We’ve also made friends with other greyhounds in the neighborhood. This is Tiger, who looks more like a Tiger than our Tiger does.

Here we are at Tanner Springs Park  with our friends Tiger, Erin, Maggie and Emma.

 We do more than just hang out with our friends though. Our Tiger and Truman are blood donors at Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital. Our Hero Dogs!


DoveLewis is a truly wonderful place. It’s a really Greyt feeling to know that we are making a difference and are helping animals in need.
We’ll leave you with this reminder: April is Adopt a Greyhound month.

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An Embarrassment of (Social Media) Riches

So many social media platforms. So little time to properly tend to each one…Our dog family continues to evolve. We lost our beloved Larry – our beautiful cover boy – one year ago. Larry lost his four-month long battle with lymphoma on June 30, 2012.
Holiday Larry
Poor Tiger was so despondent and didn’t want to be an only dog. So we took him out to Greyhound Pets Inc. so he could meet a new friend. Out of all the lovely dogs there, Tiger chose the beautiful Truman.
They quickly became best friends.
Best Friends in Winthrop
Seattle Center Sniffies
…and partners in crime…Dead Dog Bed
Tiger and Truman are energetic young boys who love their daily adventures at Seattle Center. Especially when they run into other greyhound friends. The boys at Seattle Center
So while it has been heartbreaking to say goodbye to Larry, and Aurelia and Ducati before him…Aurelia and Ducati
…we celebrate Tiger and Truman. They are truly wonderful and special boys!

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Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright

Welcoming Tiger, our newest Methow Dog! Here’s his profile from the local “Greyhound Dating Service”. Tiger came to live with us on March 7, 2012.


One thing the good folks at Greyhound Pets, Inc. left off his description is that Tiger likes shoes. He really likes shoes. Being a glass half-full type, Tiger’s love of human footwear has forced us to stop leaving our shoes haphazardly lying around. The apartment is looking much less cluttered these days. Thank you Tiger!

Tiger feels right at home. Here he is waking up on his very first morning with us.

Tiger Settling In

He is now sporting a beautiful new collar from Karen’s Kollars.

Tiger's New Collar

Larry is really happy to have a new friend. He has been a little down since Aurelia left us in December. Here they are enjoying a beautiful day last summer in Winthrop.

Larry and Aurelia in Winthrop, WA

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Happy New Year

There some exciting new changes to the Methow Dog website that will greatly enhance your experience interacting with us. We are also making it much easier for you to order your favorite Methow Dog treats online. Stay tuned…

Meanwhile, keep smilin’.

Some of our champion slackers at Methow Dog.

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Methow Dog Treats at Pet Adventure

Methow Dog healthy treats are now available at Pet Adventure in Mountlake Terrace. We are so excited to have our treats at a convenient location for north Seattle dogs and their people.  Stop by and say “Hi” to Keith!

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Methow Dog Now and Then

I was surfing the backwaters of cyberspace and came across our original “Dog Blog.” We gave our greyhounds Aurelia and Ducati their own blog in 2006 when we got our Mazama property.

Aurelia and Ducati enjoying a cool evening in Mazama

It was during those family camping trips that we formed the idea of Methow Dog as a business. Now, five years later, we are making the best dog treats ever
…and we still love camping out with the dogs in the beautiful Methow Valley.


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The Future of the Greyhound

What is the future of the greyhound if racing ends? There’s an excellent article about that in the current issue of “Celebrating Greyhounds” magazine.

Both sides of the racing industry weigh on the current state of greyhound racing in this article.

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ROOFEST 2010 – Walk in the Park

Join Greyhound Pets of America-Greater Northwest for ROOFEST.

Spend the day with greyt pups and their people and enjoy live and silent auctions, Methow Dog and other vendors, food and doggy games. There will also be greyhounds to adopt to pre-approved adopters.

Come meet a new friend…Meet a new soulmate.

Our beautiful Princess Aurelia

Saturday, September 18 · 10:00am – 3:00pm, Frontier Park, 21800 Meridian S. Graham, WA

For more event info or to learn how to adopt a greyhound from GPA-Greater Northwest, visit their website:

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